Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gmail Hard Drive - Save your files with Gspace

Since gmail was released by Google people across the internet talked about how the large file storage they were offering for free could be used as a place to store and backup personal files. Gspace is a Firefox extension that lets you quickly and easily do just that. If you needed one more reason to switch over to the Firefox browser this is it.


Gspace works a lot like the Firefox extension FireFtp (grab this too if you haven't already) that allows you to login to your gmail account in a windows explorer type view with the capability of uploading and downloading to and from your local hard drive. Navigate to the file that you'd like to store on your gmail drive and simply click the arrow pointing to your gmail drive and the Gspace will upload the file to your gmail account. It's even capable of uploading files larger than 10mb.


Like all Firefox extensions installation is as easy as downloading the file and restarting Firefox. To find Gspace once its been installed go to tools and you'll see Gspace is now available. Once you've click on it, it will open a new tab and display your local hard drive to the left and a window for your gmail drive to your right. Manage your accounts by typing in your username and password and then click the login button.

Unfortunately, Gspace doesn't allow you to see all the files that are already stored on gmail. But once you're logged in, you can upload any files... Gspace will send yourself an email with a long subject line that acts as the meta data that Gspace uses to see what files are available in your gdrive. You can download any file thats been uploaded through a similar process..


In addition to storing your files on your gmail account you can also view the photos you've uploaded through Gspace. Music files can also be played through the extension so you can now have an mp3 library accessible any where you can log on to the internet.


Gspace makes it easy to stay stay organized as you can create folders and folders within folders so you can quickly and easily find the files you're looking for. These folders are added to the subject line so if you need to access your gmail drive on Internet Explorer you can simply login to gmail and do a search for the folder you know the file is in. Creating labels for each folder may also speed things up as you'll be able to quickly click in gmail itself and see all the emails with the attached files under each folder.

GSpace is a great tool that allows you to quickly and easily store your files in a safe password protected environment. If you haven't started using Firefox yet, this extension may be the reason to change your ways.


Anonymous said...

used gspace to store my some files , when i download video file from gspace it cannot be played by media player it is better to give some explantion for playing that

Animesh Saxena said...

its doesn't allow more than 10 MB of file will this tool allow more than 10MB per file storage.

absolutely not!.....its useless compared to or other web based storage stuff, this restriction is large

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