Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How To Pay Your Bills On Time

Having recently purchased a home and a new car the number of bills I'm responsible for has gone up considerably. At first I found myself always wondering when the next bill was paid and found myself checking my banking and account records to make sure that I hadn't missed a date. Unfortunately I completely missed one Credit Card due date. The frustrating part was that I had plenty of money to pay for it and on time.

I know that many people enjoy the Bill Pay feature that Banks offer that allow you to write checks for your various banks but some may prefer paying their bills the more conventional way. Lucky for us, Google Calendar is a free tool that can help make sure we never miss a bill due date again.

As I mentioned in previous posts, Google Calendar great for reminding you of events, your schedule, and everything else that you need to get done. It can also be setup to help you keep track of your bills and their various due dates. Simply create a new calendar and call it something like Bills. Post the various dates that your bills are due and then be sure to set the reminder to something like 2 days in advance. You can setup Google Calendar to remind you by email, and even through text messages.

Be sure to go back to Google Calendar and enter a comment when you've actually put the bill in the mail or paid it online. This will help keep track of things just in case you forget which bills you've paid.

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