Thursday, April 26, 2007

Online Storage: Store and Share Your Files For Free

While there are a number of online storage options available, many of them cost money or restrict what and how you can upload files. After trying many different options I've become completely satisfied with Divshare.

Divshare is a new and growing online storage site that allows you to not only host your files privately but also allows you to share your files with others.

The service is free and has unlimited space for each account but does limit file sizes to 200mb per file upload. You can purchase for $9.95 a month an account that ups that file size limit to 2gb.

Divshare has also started a social network amongst its users. A user can create a Group which others can join and provide easy access to upload files, share files, and download files others have shared. This can be great for open source projects or anything that might be accessible digitally. One of the groups I've joined is for Apple and currently the users have only uploaded images related to Apple computers but it has promise for other interesting files in the future.

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